Therapeutic gynecological treatments



The variety of problems and medical issues ask for different diagnostic and therapeutical measures.
Of course we will also be at your side if you are ill and will do everything we can, that you feel well again.
The following issues may occur, without claim of completeness.



After the external inspection I do a painless, gynecological palpation of he inner genital and the breast, as well a a cytological smear from the cervix. In many cases it makes sense to also search for HPV, the human papilloma virus, that counts as the main reason for cancer of the Cervix and at the outer genital. It can also cause papillomas at the Vulva.
In addition I do a vaginal ultrasound scan and an ultrasound scan oft the breast. We can also search or exclude the different sexual transmitted deseases and analise the discharge directly through the microscope.



To detect tumors of the breast or uterus and ovaries we got a high quality ultrasound machine.
In case you already were diagnosed with cancer, I offer a holistic concomitant treatment, so you can handle the necessary procedures better. There are possibilities to reduce the side effects and to bring you back on your feet.
In the follow-up care, it appears particularly important to me to strengthen your health through comprehensive advice on lifestyle and nutrition. Furthermore I use individually tailored dietary supplements to support your immune system.
Of course I concentrate also on detecting new or recurrent tumors as soon as possible.

Stress and
Burn out


Hormones and neurotransmitters have been available for the body since time immemorial in order to be able to react adequately to stressful situations. However, in those times the classic stress situation was short and intense, followed by fight or escape. And if you survived the situation, the body had time to recover.This relaxation is often neglected these days. There is not enough time for the body to reproduce the required materials and therefore a variety of symptoms may appear.
With a competent and extensive laboratory diagnostic we can get information about the current status and we can offer a holistic therapy. The combination of gynecology , endocrinology, naturopathy and coaching means that you are in good hands.



If a couple tries for more than a year unsuccessfully to become pregnant, it is time to have a hormonal check.
Depending on the results I will launch further measures. Since I will only accompany the first, non-invasive steps of the couple, I’m independent in my advice. I will cooperate with any fertility clinic you choose.
The Applied Kinesiology gives the opportunity to find the reasons of sterility holistically and to find the right treatment. With hypnosis I can dissolve even deeper hidden resistances or I can accompany
the sometimes burdensome fertility treatment.