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“NH Clinicas” is located in a privileged area of Fuengirola, located in the province of Malaga. It is 18 km away from Malaga International Airport and the world famous city of Marbella. Its modern facilities and design make it different from most other clinics.
The clinic is dedicated to all disciplines of Dentistry, Maxillofacial Treatment, General Medicine, the entire range of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology, Cardiology (Electrocardiogram, Stress Test, Varicose Treatment, Bio-resonance), Gynecology, Physiotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Hair Implants, Podiatry, Nursing Service and many more services in the near future.

Since its opening in 2011, the project consisted of bringing dental tourism to Spain, as it is much cheaper and safer compared to most countries. At present, almost 70% of the clients are foreigners and “NH Clinicas” enjoys prestige for the quality of its services and its reasonable prices.

Our specialists


Dr. Sabi Visky

General odontology. Teeth whitening. Digital Smile Design.


Dr. Sergio Mejía Viana

Cardiology. Varicose veins. Functional Medicine.

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Call us at Tel: 607 560 556 or contact us for free information.

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