Complementary therapies

Functional medicine aims to maintain or restore cell integrity by balancing the internal environment, providing it with the elements that the cell requires in its development in the terrain it inhabits.
Functional medicine, like integrative medicine, no longer contemplates the individual from the perspective of the disease.
Therefore, it is a model of medicine centered on the person and not on the disease. Do not hesitate to contact us.

heavy metal toxicology


In our ordinary life we have contact with toxic metals such as aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury among others. They are the cause of many modern diseases. Arteriosclerosis, hypertension, dementia and autoimmune diseases, to name a few.
Dr Mejía is a certified member of the IBMT (International Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology) with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of metal diseases using different protocols, especially intravenous EDTA chelation in arteriosclerosis.

Ozone therapy


Dr Mejía has a diploma in ozone therapy from AEPROMO ( Ozone therapy is the application of medical ozone through local or systemic pathways for therapeutic purposes to improve the functioning of organs and tissues, thus being useful for regulating different body systems and repairing multiple ailments. Medical ozone has antiseptic properties (it is one of the most powerful germicides, acting against fungi, bacteria and viruses), analgesic and anti-inflammatory, modulating and stimulating the immune system and also improves peripheral circulation and tissue oxygenation because it favors the transfer of oxygen by hemoglobin.
Ozone therapy has proven to be a magnificent complementary therapy in different pathologies of the cardiovascular system, especially in the primary and secondary prevention of all those ailments related to arteriosclerosis and typical cardiovascular risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, obesity, inflammation ).
It is at least curious that Wikipedia allows itself to affirm that ozone therapy lacks scientific evidence. Since those who do not know history tend to repeat their mistakes, it is recommended for those who are interested to read the history of ozone therapy told on this page:

Neural therapy


Neural therapy consists of injecting very low doses of local anesthetic, generally Procaine, into certain areas of the body for therapeutic purposes. It is considered a form of complementary medicine, indicated especially in the treatment of pain and chronic diseases. These injections are not intended for anesthesia, but rather to eliminate the local neural alteration so that the function of the nervous system can return to its normal functioning, thus recovering the body’s self-regulation capacity.
It is a holistic technique, which integrates all dimensions of the person, both physical and mental as well as emotional. At the same time, it significantly contemplates the life history, that is, the clinical history and the non-clinical vital events of the person.

This therapy acts through the nervous system, especially the autonomic nervous system, which is the part that controls the automatic functions of the organism, such as breathing, intestinal motility or sweating. Through neural therapy, what we do is desensitize the nervous system that is altered, so that it returns to its normal functioning and it is the body itself that reorganizes the response.
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Orthomolecular approach


The so-called Orthomolecular Medicine seeks to find the deficiencies of essential nutrients in the body and that are related to different ailments.
These essential nutrients are vitamins, mineral amino acids and trace elements, substances that are essential for the proper functioning of different organs, systems and tissues.
A malnourished body can hardly avoid imbalance, symptoms, accelerated aging and disease.
Said nutrients can be administered orally and also intravenously.



Mycotherapy is based on the use of mushrooms for the benefit of health. Whether from prevention or as an integrative complement to other therapies, this natural medicine tool tries to get the most out of the therapeutic substances that contain species such as Reishi, Maitake, Polyporus and Shiitake, among others.

Low dose naltrexone (LDN)


Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) is an opioid antagonist that can benefit most autoimmune and chronic pain conditions.
Naltrexone only blocks the opioid receptor temporarily. Its main clinical benefit is in the rebound effect, which includes up-regulating your immune system and therefore minimizing inflammation.


Cardiac Coherence


The four stages of this method have been developed and verified by the HeartMath Institute of California, a center dedicated to the study and application of cardiac coherence, and there is sufficient evidence to affirm that this technique counteracts stress at the three levels in which it is applied. Experience its influence: on the physical, emotional and social planes.

• Regulates blood pressure
• Improves hormonal balance, increased corticosteroids, adrenaline, immunoglobulins in saliva, notable improvement in premenstrual symptoms, with less irritability, less depression, and less fatigue. Such hormonal changes reflect a profound regulation of the physiology of the body.
• Immune system enhancement
• Helps reduce stress, anxiety
• New ability to modulate your emotions
• Eliminate suffering, negativity
• Improves performance, brings mental clarity
• Increases intuition, compassion
• Physiological rejuvenation



ESBIA advanced biointegral scanner is a state-of-the-art Bioresonance equipment developed by NASA and the Russian space industry. It offers a great help in the functional evaluation of the patient by recording the frequency patterns of organs and systems. Being a fabulous instrument of enormous value in the field of prevention in our health.

Bioresonance therapy is based on scientific evidence that the human body has its own self-healing capacity that we must stimulate to recover the state of health. This is a key principle shared with biological or natural medicine, which is why Bioresonance falls within this discipline.
Through the mediation of electromagnetic waves of a similar nature to the physiological ones, this self-regulating capacity of the organism is restored. For this reason, this therapy maintains a very close connection with the principles of other energy therapies such as acupuncture or homeopathy.
Based on a biophysical approach, we start from the principle that in the disease there is first an energetic alteration before the functional alteration and the subsequent organic alteration. As we work in the field of energy, we can diagnose a disorder before the functional or organic symptoms appear: that is, the Bioresonance analysis can also be used as a very effective prevention technique.
Bioresonance enhances the patient’s self-healing capacity, facilitating the harmonization capacity, enhancing self-regulation, which allows acting on the primary cause of the disease, which is energy imbalance.